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By using these command line arguments, you can use the Python Library Manager (PLM) to obtain all the modules needed to perform the same command line operations as the cv2 python module.Please let me know if this is a problem. You’ll be hearing from my colleagues, here or there.RichardPosted by Pip M. on 1st October 2007 at 8:28 PMEXCUSE ME! Is this the site for questions? I’ve found a few and have filed them here…I’m trying to install libtiff4-dev on ubuntu 8.04.1 and I get an error:Thanks! I tried to re-enable the C++ feature for the Ubuntu GCC and it did not work. Do you have any tips?WalterPosted by alexander on 13th October 2007 at 9:00 PMhi,can anybody help me about OpenCV or OpenCV 2.1? i don’t understand, how i have to compile?I mean: where i have to place the file on Ubuntu?where i have to copy the stuff??? i would really appreciate that somebody can help me, because i am very new to that.ThanksalexanderPosted by alexander on 13th October 2007 at 9:05 PMoh sorry, i am not German. Maybe i have a problem in the German Language. If you help me, i will come back and thank you.WalterPosted by alexander on 13th October 2007 at 9:07 PMOkay, that should work. I didn’t know about the German site where you can download OpenCV. But I used the other ones before. So it should work.Do you know how to change the language in OpenCV 2.1?You can also try to use the “ubuntu” method. It is very simple. I tried it once before, but I don’t have it by hand, I’d have to look it up…Thanks. That is the part, where i have to do that for OpenCV?Again, I have a problem for choosing the right command in the terminal. I can see, that this is German.Plz anybody who can understand this language, tell me, how i have to 08929e5ed8

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